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15 Modern Web Design Trends to Watch in 2022

In today’s saturated online environment, an effective website design isn’t just a mere extra thing. Rather it is a necessity to thrive your business’s online success. Offering the right user experience by making a website more engaging and interactive is fundamental to the process.

Technically, web design involves enhancing the visual capabilities of a website. It includes website layout, color scheme, design elements, images, logo, as well as all other things that are visible to users.

In this guide, we share popular trends for web design in 2022 that caught the attention and will have a great impact in the coming years.

Mini-sites of delight

 Creating a fun mini-site alongside your featured business website is a new technique pushing forward the 2022 web design trends. This trend attempts to add a touch of humor, creativity, and fun to your site in an unexpected way.

 Voice User interfaces (VUIs)

Voice commands are a new norm now. And to keep up with this trend even UI/UX design processes are experiencing a shift. Implementing a voice-activated interface in a web design can make your website more intuitive, interactive, and speedy. Users just have to make a voice command and they can easily get the information they are looking for.

 Parallax animation

Parallax animation refers to the use of different speeds of motion to create a faux-3D effect on a web page. This is a simple motion wherein background images on a web page move slower than the foreground elements. This phenomenon invokes visual interest and provides natural movement to the objects that cannot be animated.

 Moving type

Typography does a lot more than simply convey information. And the Best website design 2022 trends are taking it a step further with moving type. The moving type or moving text is an all-new trend that adds motion to typography without overboard the site with animated gags. It breathes life into simple letters and makes them more appealing.

 Comfortable colors

Soft color pallets are shaping the new trends in web design. They are replacing the bright, high-contrast shades used in traditional designs with warmer hues. These soothing color schemes feature the right mix of intense light and intense dark shades. These softer shades appear subtle and comfortable to your eyes. Some of these color options include light pinks, warm and natural greens, and pastel blues.

Creative scrolling experiences

Simple and creative scrolling is a hot web design trend for 2022.  The creative scrolling methods focus on improving the interactivity of site content. Long scrolling, parallax scrolling, vertical scrolling, infinite scrolling are some of the examples of creative scrolling techniques.

 Interactive fonts

Today’s designers want to take the use of text to the next level by enhancing their interactivity. They are exploring creative ways such as using GIFs, implementing hover status change, or morphing into a new design for providing elaborative effect to the text.

Responsible motion design

While movement in web design services has become sought-after these days, it is advisable to not exaggerate it. Motion in website design should be incorporated responsibly so that it appears subtle and refined. Going overboard with motion can ruin the user experience and may add to the website’s complexity.

Collage illustration

Collage style graphics ensure your website illustrations showcase a comprehensive connected feel. It offers you the flexibility to add images to the site without introducing any changes to the surrounding design elements. To allow these pictures to seamlessly blend with the overall website design, you can use monochrome effects or filters.

 Page speed prioritization

Optimizing page speed is a priority today. With Google rolling in more stringent algorithms for improving user experiences, page speed is more important than ever before. A site with a good loading speed is likely to attract and retain more users. It builds your business’s credibility among your target audience.

 Dark Mode and Low Light UX

This is another hot trend grabbing the attention of modern web designers. This trend focuses on optimizing your site for better visibility in low-light environments. The dark mode, low light user interface, enables users to enjoy a low-contrast view in dark or low light conditions. In addition, reducing strain on your eyes, the dark mode helps save your device’s battery power.


A chatbot is another popular relevant web design trend for 2022. A chatbot makes it convenient and efficient to connect with your users. It offers them instant access to the information they are looking for. By extending 24/7 live support and query resolution, chatbots help create better user experiences.

 Web Video as a Design Element

Video media is a powerful way to connect emotionally with your audience. It works to spread your intended message and capture visitors’ attention instantly. Moreover,  video content is easier to understand. Users can learn about your products/services without scrolling down the web pages.

Customization and accessibility

 Accessibility is another key aspect of web design. It ensures to make sure that your website is accessible to everyone and offers users the information they are looking for. A site customized as per your potential audience’s behavior and experience benefit you in improving SEO and user traffic. You can improve your site’s accessibility by using good navigation, appealing color contrast, and labeled instructions.

Flat Web Design Trends

The flat Web Design trends follow a minimalist approach to web designing. They focus on incorporating minimal aesthetics that make your website appear clean, simple, and refined. By reducing distractions to a minimum, this web design trend enhances the functionality of your website.

Hence, we see 2022 as a year full of creativity. As designers are moving away from traditional design elements there is a lot more to explore in upcoming years.

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